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custom made silicone wristband with printing

Customized Silicone wristbands are wearable bands designed in different shapes, sizes, and colors. These bands are used by various companies for events and parties to attract customers. They are also used in family gatherings to make them more stylish.

Using these stylish bands will ensure the events are more secure. These are the excellent means to give customers a message, increase specialization, develop the respective brand, increase awareness among fundraisers and promote promotions.

Rubber Material

These bands are made of many types of materials, but the most famous material is silicon. Firstly, it needs to be cut into strips or tubes per the material. Then, the separated material is melted in steel moulded and formed into the cross-section bracelet.

Custom Wristbands have many advantages we can pursue for our benefit and our organization. Especially in events, we can use it as an attractive means!

We should use bands to identify the people such as VIPs, speakers, and many more in events. If we want to host the event and want a shining moment, we can use it as an eye-seeker for listeners.

Customized Silicone Wristbands Uses

Suppose you are an event organizer and want to make your guests come in instantly. In that case, you can use bands to make it easy as there is no need to scan the printed pamphlets, and it would be less time-consuming.

These are also eco-friendly. Topcrest is made up of rubber which is non-dangerous and can be reused. So as not to get the impression of the event manager, we should use it and also it is not made of paper, which may result in excess trash.

Using them will give your customers and guests a stylish, modern, and relaxed look. It is eye-catching and helps to make your event more luminous.

Paper bands can easily be damaged and are short-lasting. Still, silicon bands made of highly versatile can live in any circumstances and are long-lasting. An organizer should try to make bands that should be high resistance.

Also, they need low maintenance and virtually don’t need any space. Customized Silicone Wristbands are easy to wear, stretchable, and lightweight. You can make LED bands with neon colors at night events, making the event lighter and mesmerizing.


Many Colors with Single Color Printing

Now, there are various kinds of wristbands that you can create for your upbringing organization. These include Tyvek, silicone, cloth, and much more!!

You can make your personalized wristbands for your company’s brand promotional items. It’s an advantage to stop the illegal entry into your private events, party, meetings, etc.

The Customized silicone wristbands are the most famous and are used by various companies. Custom Silicone Wristbands are just like rubber bands, which are highly durable and long-lasting for years.

Everyone wants to customize their own bands so that they can stand out in the challenging crowd. Silicon is the one who is in complete demand by an organizer.

These bands are available in multiple colors. Also, the creators can fit the colors to make it alluring. Still, it would be costlier if you added the different colors. There are several colors like pastel, metallic, neon, and more.

There are wide varieties in which you can create your own bands and give only the round shape and size of your choice. LED clocks are very famous and have a modern look. There are many options like glow in the dark and many more.

Order As Low As 100 Pcs with Lowest Price

These wristbands are affordable and also cheaper as compared to other accessories. For small runs, they can use single-color bands. Still, big organizations can use different colors as a promotional technique.

These bands can be modified into any size for adults, medium, and youth. Therefore, bands are available for every age group.

These bands are used by many non-profitable companies by purchasing in bulk and distributing among the people to advertise their respective themes.

Customized Silicone Wristbands are also being used by colleges and educational institutes in sports events and college fest.

These Wristbands had been come to use by many influencers. In 2004, Lance Armstrong used silicone Wristbands to spread cancer awareness. For this, he used yellow color bands to show this sign.



Small Customized Silicone Wristbands can Have a Huge Impact

In 1991, red color bands provided information about AIDS and HIV. After many medical institutions have used bands to spread awareness.

Now the question arises, how many bands can we order at one go? However, as per the owner’s will, they can take orders from one to hundred plus bands. There is also no minimum order available in many brands that created their own personalized bands.

Many manufacturers allow the retailers or sellers to get no minimum order by sending the message to explore more brands and get the best experience.

These customized Silicone Wristbands are available all over the world. Talking about India, some companies offer wristbands in bulk or with no minimum order.

They mainly sell the badges for promoting goods and services during elections and political parties. They have bands for every age group and have several types. They have bulk orders with approx. 18mm and 13mm.

One of the famous sites,, was established in 2015. A respected and popular brand for products is also situated in New Delhi. Also, they are well known for their excellent promotional products.


All Over India Shipping Service

Many manufacturers are available in different states of India. Especially in the famous states like Bangalore, Karnataka Topcrest art is a well-known brand for its wristbands, especially for elections campaigns.

This brand is also famous for its revolutionary soft and best quality material, which are non-washable and highly resistant badges for the customers. Because of this, they are really famous and have at the time delivery service. Huge order at the time of elections.

Topcrest is also one of the famous brands in Delhi for personalized and customized silicone wristbands since 2004. They have diversified their brands, including wristbands and other products like button badges, customized mouse pads, customized keychains, customized tea coasters, customized luggage tags, and much more!

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Production Process of Silicone Wristband

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